SOZOOD™ Surface Cleaners (SoPure)

SoPure is now SOZOOD !

Same great product and formula, with a new name!

Why Use Certified Lab Cleaners?

In an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) lab, gametes, which are eggs or sperm, create embryos, which is the earliest stage of a fetus, when it's simply a collection of cells. These embryos need to stay isolated, if they come into contact with different microorganisms, catastrophic results may occur. If a foreign bacteria or virus comes in contact with the embryo, they can produce toxins that will destroy the embryo. They can also transfer their own genetic material into the embryo, resulting in a fetus with the genetics of a virus or bacteria. As a result of this, cleaning and sanitation is vital for IVF labs. SOZOOD's line of sanitation products provides an excellent option for IVF labs to keep embryos safe from germs.

MEA and HSSA Test Passed
No VOC release
No alcohol
No odor
Securely sealed
Valid for 1 year, even after opening.
High Efficacy/Low Evaporation Rate.
Manufactured using highest quality raw materials.

Excellent for Glass, Plastic, Acrylic, Metal, Ceramic, Rubber, and Laminate.

The active ingredient: Alkyl (C14 50%, C12 40%, C16 10%) Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride, Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride.


We all know how many steps are required to be successful in the ET business. One wrong step and the whole process suffers. I have never had Agtech products fail me and that is crucial.

Toby Muller, Ultra Ova

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Anthony Saylor
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