Agtech is the place to turn for the widest selection of cattle embryo transfer supplies and equipment. We carry a large assortment of bovine embryo transfer products, including many from the leading manufacturers. Our expertise with cow embryo transfer allows us to guide you to the solutions that are right for you. We also provide hands-on training sessions where you practice the ET process using our extensive inventory of cattle embryo transfer technology instruments and supplies. To learn more about all that we offer in this category, review our products on this page, then get in touch with any questions.  



We all know how many steps are required to be successful in the ET business. One wrong step and the whole process suffers. I have never had Agtech products fail me and that is crucial.

Toby Muller, Ultra Ova

The class exceeded expectations. With the limited experience I had before the class I didn't expect to cover so much ground in 2 days. I feel like I can accomplish the goals I set for...

Anthony Saylor
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