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Choose from nearly 400 animal reproduction products for bovine, equine and caprine artificial insemination (AI) ,embryo transfer (ET), ovum pickup (OPU) and in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Find what you need to improve herd genetics, increase your reproduction success rate or start your breeding program.

We’ve been assisting the animal reproduction community since 1990. If you have questions about a product or training class, send us an email, give us a call or text at +1 785 776 3863 or chat with us from the link at the bottom. We look forward to working with you.

Why Agtech?

Agtech is your one-stop animal reproduction shop. We have the widest selection of artificial insemination, embryo transfer, OPU and IVF instruments, equipment and supplies for cattle, horse, camel, goat, sheep and swine breeding. Whether your livestock business is focused on improving breeding efficiencies and outcomes, or is a veterinary practice specializing in reproduction, we have the expertise to guide you to a profitable solution.

Our representatives are ready to answer all your questions about specialized reproduction equipment, hormones, culture media and lab ware, and how they can benefit your operations. Take a look at all of the product categories on this page. As mentioned above, please contact us by live chat, text, email or phone to learn more or to place your next order.


We all know how many steps are required to be successful in the ET business. One wrong step and the whole process suffers. I have never had Agtech products fail me and that is crucial.

Toby Muller, Ultra Ova

The class exceeded expectations. With the limited experience I had before the class I didn't expect to cover so much ground in 2 days. I feel like I can accomplish the goals I set for...

Anthony Saylor
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