Cold Item Shipping Details

Time in Transit

If your order contains items which should be kept cold, or contains items which should not be allowed to freeze, Agtech recommends that the package arrive within 2 days. Based on your location from Agtech's warehouse in Manhattan, Kansas, economical ground service will deliver the package to you within 2 days while locations farther away will require 2nd day air service.

If your order is shipping direct from Agtech to a destination outside the US and the order contains items which should be kept cold, or contains items which should not be allowed to freeze, Agtech will pack those items with additional “blue” or dry ice, or in an insulated manner to reduce the freeze potential.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the weather and temperatures across the country. We ship your refrigerated and frozen products with ice packs. When your shipment arrives the ice packs will be melted and may even be warm. However, unless subjected to extreme (greater than 98F/37C) heat for several hours, the products will be fine and should be refrigerated immediately upon receipt. Please request overnight shipping for frozen liquids (i.e. item C22 Trypsin)

Please understand that Agtech is not responsible or liable for loss or inconvenience incurred due to delayed or non-delivery of your package. Delivery completion is the carrier’s responsibility. Freight charges for ground, overnight air, or 2nd day air deliveries that are delayed due to inclement weather or other “acts-of-God” are not refundable per UPS policy.

The following items should be kept cold or not be allowed to freeze while in-transit. Therefore, for deliveries to US destinations, considering (a) the day that your order will leave Agtech and (b) your distance from Agtech, you must specify UPS ground or 2nd day air delivery service.

Cold Items

Following is a partial list of products sold by Agtech which, per manufacturer’s recommendation, are held frozen or in refrigeration while at Agtech’s facility. When ordering these items, you are encouraged to select a delivery method which allows the shipment to reach you within two days (overnight if trypsin). Example: leaves Agtech Tuesday, arrives to your address on Thursday.

A07 EVM024 IC2 IC20
C18C EVM834 IC12  
C22 EVM847 IC16  


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